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If you reside in Galena Park, TX., and question yourself, "Where can I sell my junk car for cash?" then the answer is Junk Car Buyers R-Us. We are proud of our company name, and our commitment is to purchase any car in any condition.

You could try to sell your car privately, but you will realize it is not as easy as it sounds or seems to be, plus your vehicle's value depreciates even further if you wait too long.
Used car websites and traditional sale routes do not benefit owners of junk cars, cars that do not run, and vehicles that need heavy maintenance.

Instead, contact us, our reps will give you a direct cash offer for your used vehicle in no time. You can have the vehicle removed in an hour or the next 24 hours! Besides, we guarantee the fairest value for your vehicle.

How Does It Work?

Getting Cash for Junk Cars in Galena Park TX., is easy. Follow the instructions below, and you will get that useless, unreliable vehicle off your driveway plus some extra cash in your wallet.

Step 1
Take at least three photos of your vehicle and submit them to us through your preferred method:
Via text message to our company mobile phone at 713-454-2715 .

You can also email your information by using the contact form linked here.

Step 2
Upon receiving your photos, we will make you a cash offer. Once you like and agree with our offer, you can schedule a convenient pickup or drop-off time.

Step 3
Relax and wait for our staff to arrive at the location of your junk vehicle in Galena, TX. Our guys will tow it away, hand you the agreed-upon cash, and that is it!

Are You Ready to Trade Your Junk Car for Cash?

We are prepared to give you the best cash offer possible for your vehicle. Once you are ready, follow our steps to ensure top dollar for your vehicle, remove all personal belongings from the vehicle (including aftermarket accessories), and watch your wallet grow thicker with cash.
  • Schedule a pickup
  • Grab your cash.

  • It is that simple!

    We buy junk cars of all kinds, no matter the condition. Get in touch with us today and get the best payout for any car.

    Do You Provide a Bill Of Sale?

    Yes, we will give a bill of sale with the name of our company
    Our reps will handle the paperwork, so all you have to do is show up, and we will take care of the rest.

    Are Your Cash For Cars Offers Guaranteed?

    It is IF the vehicle has no missing parts, and the catalytic converters are attached.
    However, the offer is subject to change upon inspection of the vehicle that differs from your description.

    That is why we request 3-4 photos of the vehicle before making an offer.
    Please include as much information about your vehicle's condition to receive the most accurate cash offer possible.

    Are you ready to move forward? Get in touch with our junk car buyers NOW to get the best cash offer possible.

    Get Cash For Cars, trucks, vans, and any other vehicle, whether running or not, and you will get paid top dollar today!

    Do You Want Offer for Your Vehicle? Please Call Us At 713-454-2715

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is It Possible to Buy Parts from You?
    We do not sell used parts. Consider checking out 249 Used Parts.

    What are the Common Dashboard Warning Lights?
    Dashboard lights convey important information. Red means urgent problems and yellow or orange is less critical. Symbols warn about brakes, airbags, headlights, and fuel. Consult the manual for exact meanings.

    How Can I Fix a Low Tire Pressure?
    • Find an air pump and pressure gauge
    • Check your car manual for the recommended PSI.
    • Inflate the tire and adjust the spare. If the leak persists, seek professional repair.

    We service the following ZIP Codes in Galena Park, TX:

    · 77015
    · 77029
    · 77547

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