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Do you want to sell your junk car for cash? Luckily for you, we buy junk cars in Fresno Texas.
If you are like many people who have an old, beat-up vehicle, it is probably collecting dust in your driveway and depreciating day by day.

Yes, it is hard to find someone to buy a car that will not turn on, does not drive right, or is almost falling apart but do not worry anymore since at, those are the types of cars we love to purchase! We will take your vehicle off your hands, no matter what it looks like.

In order to give you the best offer by phone, please send us 3 photos of the vehicle at 713-454-2715.

Cash For Junk Cars in Fresno TX

How to Get a Cash Offer for Your Junk Car:

At Junk Cars Buyer-R-Us, we make the selling process as easy as possible. Check out the following steps:

Call Us

It all starts with a call. Reach out to us at 713-454-2715, or go to our Contact Page.

Our car buying team will ask you a few questions about your junk vehicle. Please have the make, model, year, and title information ready.

We Make an Offer

It takes us about 10 minutes to make an offer for your junk vehicle. You will get a cash offer to buy the car as is.

We Pick Up Your Junk Car

Once you accept our cash offer to purchase your car, we will dispatch our team to pick it up immediately.

Do You Service Other Areas In Texas?

Yes! We buy out-of-service cars in Fresno and throughout the Houston, Texas, area. If you live in Fresno, TX., we will have a Junk-Car-Buyers-R-Us representative nearby ready to help you out.

To make sure that we buy cars in your area, you can look at the areas we service right on our website. If you want us to come to your area, let us know! We are always growing and expanding to purchase junk cars in new locations around Texas.

What To Do Before You Sell Your Car to Us

There are two things on the to-do list to sell your car for cash.

First and foremost, the year of your vehicle will determine if you need the title. For cars made in the year 2000 or older, having the title is NOT required. If your junk car is a 2001 model or newer, then you MUST have the title.

But if you do not have the title, no fear! Our team will show you how to get a copy of your car’s title.

Remove Your Things
Would you mind removing all personal belongings, parking tags, stickers, or accessories you want to keep?

It is better to check the car out before selling it, and the vehicle will be ready to be hauled away when our reps arrive.

Sell Your Junk Car in Fresno Today!

Our team is on standby, waiting to give you cash for your car. You can sell your vehicle to us any day of the week (except Sundays). You might be surprised how much your vehicle is worth even though it is not in good condition. Let us work out a deal.

Still, have questions about selling your junk car to us? Want to get rid of that clunk of metal? Our car buyers will be happy guide you in the right direction.

General Questions:

Can I Purchase Parts from You?
Unfortunately, we do not sell parts, but you can try 249 Used Parts.

How to Sell a Car in Texas?
To sell a car in Texas, you must prepare the title, complete a transfer form, and report the sale within 30 days to avoid future liabilities. You can do this online or by mail.

What Is a Car Lien?
A car lien is a legal claim that a creditor has on the vehicle if you fail to repay a loan. This gives them the right to repossess the car if necessary.

We service the following ZIP Code in Fresno, TX:

· 77545

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