Sell Your Car In Katy TX

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Are you tired of looking at that used car taking up space in your driveway, or are you looking for a way to make some quick cash? Then you are in the right place! will buy your auto “As-Is.” Feel free to call us to sell your car in Katy TX, or any nearby region.

Sell Your Car in Katy TX

Have you tried selling your vehicle on your own, but it did not go well because not many people were interested? Do not worry! Our company will gladly take care of that for you; we buy all kinds of vehicles, whether they have mechanical issues, broken windows, flat tires, etc. If you are ready to get your automobile removed from your property, call us at 713-454-2715 or our toll-free number 800-356-9176.

Junk Cars Katy TX

Cash For Clunkers

When you notice that your auto has over 180,000 miles and the check-engine lights suddenly go off, your first initial thought is that you should take it to the dealership right away to get it fixed, but then you realize that it might cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 worth of repairs. You might want to consider selling your vehicle to a reputable company "As-Is."

Our clients have been pleased with our services because we are committed to providing a good experience to satisfy our customers. One of the principal reasons our clients are satisfied is that our company provides free towing services, and the price does not change once the tow truck gets to you.

We buy cars all over Katy, TX. Whether you have a running vehicle or a wrecked one that is not drivable, you are going to qualify to sell your car.

Here Is How Our Process Goes!

Reach out to us at 713-454-2715 or our toll-free number 800-356-9176

During the call, our reps will ask the following questions:

1. Do you have the title of the vehicle?
2. What is the year, make, and model?
3. Are there any mechanical issues or damaged parts?
4. What is the zip code where the car is located?
5. Could you text our company number 3-4 pictures of the vehicle?

Once our reps have all the answers, they will make you an offer within two to ten minutes over the phone or via text message; if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask them, and they will gladly explain how the process works.

We Buy Any Car, Any Condition: Junk Car Buyers R-Us

• Our team will manage all the paperwork.
• We provide free towing services at no extra cost, no matter the location but must be within a 50 miles radius of our headquarters in Houston.
• Your unwanted vehicle will no longer be on your property within a few hours.
• Get cash for your auto in no time!
Over the years, our business has recycled many autos and helped communities keep them away from landfills. By doing so, we help the environment by reducing the need to create new products from raw materials. It saves more energy and water and reduces mining waste and other types of pollution.

Contact Us To Get More Info

Stop all the worrying by searching for "Junk Car Buyers Near Me" our team at Junk Car Buyers R-Us will give you a reasonable and fair offer for your junk vehicle. Freely call us at 713-454-2715 or email us at for a non-obligated free quote for your automobile and receive cash in your pocket today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I be able to buy auto parts from you?
Unfortunately no, we do not sell parts; our company is only dedicated to buying vehicles.

What do you do with the cars and trucks your company buy?
What we do with a non-running vehicle will depend on the severity of the damage it sustained; the auto will either be scraped entirely, or its parts will be sold to other companies.

Do you buy burned cars?
Yes, we buy cars that cut on fire, so you can rely on us when you require Cash for Clunkers.

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